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Commercial Granite Sales and Service – We Make Being a Professional Easier

Granite and other solid stone surfaces are in high demand, and if you are a commercial builder, whether you are building residences or commercial buildings, if your customers want a high-end, high-quality look, then you are probably going to encounter some requests for granite. Working with granite is similar to working with other tile surfaces, but does require some specialized skills. That is why it is critical for you to enlist the help of granite specialists to ensure you deliver the highest-quality product to your customers.

ACD Custom Granite specialize in custom design projects

Artisans*Craftsmen*Designers; our name describes our approach to granite. We do not view granite solely as a building or finishing material; instead, we know that each installation of granite should be a work of art that not only enhances the function of a space, but also enhances the beauty. ACD’s owner Cynthia Schomaker has more than 20 years as a designer in the stone industry. This unique experience means that, like other designers, Cynthia knows what looks good, what is on-trend, what is too-trendy and likely to quickly look dated, and what is classic. However, having specialized in stone work, Cynthia is also aware of how granite can best be used to improve function. Combined together, this expertise results in tremendously satisfied customers who feel that they have received the best value possible from their investments. That is why commercial customers such as architects, designers, builders, and contractors all view ACD as a trusted resource in solid-stone design.

Granite is only one of the solid stones we use to create custom designs.

While our focus is on granite for our big installations, at ACD we appreciate the beauty, versatility, and resiliency offered by a wide variety of stones. We also know how to combine various stone types for striking, dramatic looks that can remain beautiful for decades. We work with granite, marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, basalt, quartzite, glass, and engineered stones to achieve the look you desire. We are comfortable with standard stone-work projects, but also love the challenge of new and exciting stone applications. Basically, if you can imagine it, we can fabricate it.

Contact ACD Granite today with any questions you have about your commercial granite needs. We would be happy to show you our inventory or work with you to help you locate the stone you desire.

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