Custom Granite for Designers

Custom Granite for Designers – Let Our Design Experts Help You

Design is the marriage of form and function, and designers know that it is not enough that a design be beautiful; it also has to be useful and resilient. This is especially true if you are working with an expensive building material like granite; your customers are going to expect longevity from your design because it will be cost-prohibitive to change it. That means that, as a designer, you have to meet all sorts of challenges when you create a stone project. At ACD Custom Granite Inc., we have the experience you can rely on to help you meet those challenges. Owner and head designer Cynthia Schomaker has worked in the stone industry for over 20 years and knows how to help you get the best from your stone designs.

We know the difference between on-trend and trendy

In the design industry, it is critical to remain current. That requires staying on-trend, and incorporating changes in your designs that reflect new changes in standards, styles, and approaches. Being on-trend is very different from being trendy. Something that is trendy now is likely to pass out of style quickly. In the design world, using trendy elements is something that we actually encourage, to help designs appear fashionable and up-to-date. However, when working with an expensive building material like stone, it is important to avoid looks that are too trendy. Will the design appear dated within a few years? If so, unlike paint color or other design elements, remember that it will be cost-prohibitive to change stone installations. That is why it is critical for stone designs to be both on-trend and timeless, so that they can literally last for a lifetime.

Of course, we do not only work with granite. We also work with marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, basalt, quartzite, glass, and engineered stones. With such a wide arrange of building materials, we can help you pick the appropriate material if you want a trendy look that is affordable.

Our selection is not limited to our showroom.

Sometimes designers come to us with a vision and are looking for the stones to make that vision a reality. At ACD, we have decades of experience in the stone industry and we know what stones will work best with your designs and where to find the stones to complete your vision.

Contact ACD Granite today with any questions you have about your commercial stone needs. Our artisans, craftsmen, and designers want to work with you to combine form and function into beauty.

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