Custom Granite Installation

Turn Your Vision into a Stone-Cold Reality

Solid stone surfaces are a building staple and have been used for years to convey a high-end appearance while providing durability in a number of different applications.  In a kitchen, solid stone surfaces are less vulnerable than other types of countertops, providing a professional working environment in a residential environment.  In a bathroom, solid-stone surfaces provide a natural and luxe appearance with durability that other surfaces cannot match.  However, solid stone surfaces have come outside of the kitchen and bathroom and into the rest of the house.  They can be used throughout the home to provide durability and beauty in a variety of different ways.  However, a homeowner or designer cannot simply walk into a big-box store or other retailer and expect them to be able to handle the challenges of a custom solid stone installation.

Solid-stone installation is an art form. 

Artisans*Craftsmen*Designers; our name describes our approach to solid stone installation.  We understand the artistry that goes into designing a custom solid stone installation and we are committed craftsmen who can bring your artistry to life.  If you can picture a design in your head, but are unsure how to bring your design to life, we can help with that; ACD’s owner Cynthia Schomaker has more than 20 years as a designer in the stone industry.  Our crew of artisans, craftsmen, and designers not only know what looks good and is on trend, but also how to use solid stone surfaces to achieve the look you want with the function you need.

At ACD, we work with a wide variety of stones to help you create the look you want with the durability you need. 

While ACD is known primarily for granite, we are able to source and work with a wide variety of stones, helping you find the natural beauty that will flow seamlessly with your project.  We work with granite, marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, basalt, quartzite, glass, and engineered stones to achieve the look you desire, and our designers and craftsmen can tell you what types of stone would work best with your project.

Contact ACD today with any questions you have about your custom granite or solid stone installation.  We would be happy to help you with your designs, show you our inventory, and work with you to help you locate the stone you desire in order to get your dream look.


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