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Kitchen Counters

No other material will offer you the unmatched elegance and unrivaled beauty of natural stones such as granite, quartzite and marble in your kitchen remodel. Created over millions of years deep within the earth and sculpted by the hands of time, these ancient rocks will never cease to amaze you and your guests. Once molten and partially liquefied, these dense rocks were forged by intense heat and pressure. Today they find their use in our kitchen countertops and are strong, resilient materials that will offer years of durable use with a minimum of maintenance. Perhaps your preference is for the sleek, uniform sheen of an Engineered Quartz countertop like Caesarstone, Cambria, Zodiaq , Chroma, Hanstone or Silestone to enhance the refined qualities in your newly updated kitchen project. More on Kitchen Counters


Granite, Marble, Travertine, Onyx, Limestone, Basalt, Quartzite or glass have all proven their usefulness in the backsplashes of today’s kitchens and bathrooms. No longer does wallpaper, paint or ceramic tile have to be your only options when designing your new space. Available in a seemingly endless array of colors, sizes, mixtures and materials, the backsplash area has become the new wall art that dominates and demands to be recognized and appreciated. With the resurgence of mosaics, mixtures of natural stone, glass, porcelain and ceramic, these blends spread across the wall as if it were an artist’s canvas. Use listellos, accents, pencils, or mosaics to create customized, personal designs that open the imagination and give free reign to your creativity. More on Backsplash


To attract attention to that focal point in the room, natural or engineered stone cannot do any better justice to your job. Use the dramatic veining of marble or granite in your countertop to draw the eye or create a calm repose with the light neutral tones of a solid quartz. Islands in the kitchen require serviceability and strength to stand up to the daily abuses that today’s families throw at them on a daily basis, all the more reason to specify natural or engineered stone in your next project. More on Islands

Bathroom Vanities

No rooms are more personal than our most intimate of spaces – escape to the refuge of today’s bathroom. After a busy and hectic day there is no better place to unwind and let all your stresses melt away than in your own spa-like bathroom. Natural stones such as granite, marble, travertine, limestone and onyx lend themselves to the surfaces of your countertops. The warm and tactile qualities of these stones draw your attention and beckon you to touch their surfaces, to feel the ancient rocks that are as old as time itself. With their unmatched durability they will offer you tough resistance in the face of a hectic morning rush, trying to prepare for that busy day that lie ahead. More on Vanities

Shower Walls

One of the biggest advantages of using solid slabs for shower walls is the reduction in grout joints that is typically encountered with a tile installation. The large format slabs for the walls can be custom cut to fit your particular project with ease. Installation materials are not much different than a standard tile job, but handling and cutting of the pieces from full slabs is the job of ACD. Let our experienced staff template your space and custom cut your walls for you from quarried stone or engineered quartz. Once upright in a vertical position nothing can compare to the elegance of “book-matched” slabs with designs created from symmetrical veining within the natural stone. More on Shower Walls

Tub Surroundings

Many of our customers prefer to select solid slabs as an alternative to tile for their tub surround surfacing because of the clean and uninterrupted expanse that is created when using this method as opposed to the broken up effect that is the result of using smaller format tiles. Granite, marble, quartzite, travertine, limestone, onyx or slate are all great options for this area of your bathroom renovation. With the increasing popularity of “undermount” tubs, nothing can replace natural or engineered stone as a homogonous, uniform surface that overlies the typical “lip” or rim encountered on the other self rimming, or drop-in, tubs which will enhance the look of your tub area. Solid slabs are a practical choice for this particular surface and will provide a durable place for you to sit or step into your tub to relax and cool down after a hard day’s work. More on Tub Surroundings

Shower Surroundings

Enhance the aesthetics of your surroundings in your shower experience by including marble, granite and other natural or engineered stones in other unlikely areas. Many of our customers prefer to specify our materials for items such as shower jambs where glass door or panels may attach to, or shelves for placing toiletries, elevated curbs that separate the shower from the adjoining floor, door saddles or even baseboard or other custom moldings. The same material can be used throughout or sometimes clients like to mix it up a bit and use multiple materials with differing finishes. Just about anything you, your contractor, designer or architect can think up, we are able to advise and guide you through the entire process and ensure that the final result exceeds your expectations. More on Shower Surroundings


Natural stone such as granite, slate, bluestone, marble, onyx, travertine or limestone have long been associated with the fireplace area in the home. They are practical in the sense that they are heat resistance and will not be affected by direct or indirect heat from flames. Add to that the fantastic variety of selection that we have in today’s stone marketplace and what you have is a great area to instantly add pizzazz and pop to any room in your home. The stone can adorn the wall in many ways, whether ornately carved with traditional motifs or more simplistic and minimal with clean, straight lines. In addition to the vertical implements the hearth is the base upon which all the stone rests. It lies before the fireplace and serves its purpose, catching anything that may be ejected from the fireplace that is flammable and provides a barrier that will keep your home safe. More on Fireplaces

Table Tops

The great thing about natural or engineered stone is that it can be custom cut to suit any application, including table tops. There are as many stones available as there are bases to overlie them. Whether your table base is an heirloom antique or a new custom fabricated modern frame, natural stone is a great choice to adorn its surface. Not only is it durable enough to withstand just about anything, it is also a great design choice in that it will compliment whatever it rests upon. As long is ther is a suitable and sturdy enough base for the stone to lie on, the sky is the limit in what you can choose to select for its top. Bring us your table base or show us pictures and give us dimensions so that we can discuss your project and show you all that there is to offer. It is a simple way to instantly transform any space with a minimal amount of effort. More on Table Tops

Bar Tops

Bar areas encounter a lot of traffic when entertaining guests. No one wants to worry about cleaning up messes and worrying about all that wine spilling out of your friend’s glasses. Granite and quartz are great choices for eliminating the fuss of cleaning up all through the night’s entertainment while also jazzing up the look of your personal bar. Bar areas are also great places to get creative and think out of the box since it is your own personal space and are ultimately an expression of yourself. More on Bar Tops

Outdoor Bars & Patios

Natural stone has existed in an “outside” environment for millions of years and will continue to stand up to the elements like no other material on earth. When used outdoors, granite and other natural stones can’t be beat due to their durability and resilience in the face of the beating sun, the frigid cold and the pounding rain. Not to mention the aesthetic qualities it adds to your curb appeal on your property, natural stone can accentuate the beauty of your home and add great places for friends and families to sit and congregate any time of the year. You can count on your granite to withstand the test of time and continue to offer itself to your family for generations to come. Read More

Window Sills

Whether you update your inefficient windows in your current home with replacements or have a new home, natural or engineered stone are excellent choices to accent the room with their beautiful colors and patterns. They are practical and will resist water penetration at the same time that they provide sturdy places to set your favorite decorations, much like a sculpture would rest upon its base for admiring onlookers to enjoy. More on Window Sills

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