Custom Granite Supply for Builders

Custom Granite Supply for Builders – Think Outside of the Box (Store)

If you are a builder or contractor, depending on the size of your project, your go-to supplier may be one of a small handful of big-box stores that homeowners and weekend do-it-yourself project people also choose for their supplies. These stores are wonderful; they offer affordable pricing and a decent selection on many materials people use in everyday projects. We will admit, they also offer a fairly comprehensive supply of the type of interchangeable-looking granite you are likely to find in cookie-cutter projects and buildings. However, you are not a cookie-cutter builder. If you are a high-end builder looking to create that unique, wow-factor design for your commercial or residential building project, you need to work with a stone supplier that can help you meet your needs.

Unlike the big box stores, at ACD we specialize in stone.

At ACD, we are passionate about stone. That is because we do not simply consider ourselves suppliers, we are Artisans, Craftsmen, and Designers, and we source all of our stones by considering how they can contribute their one-of-a-kind beauty to the form and function of a design. We work with the industries top sources for natural stones, giving us an unparalleled access to some of the highest quality building materials you can find, including: granite, marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, basalt, and quartzite. As a result, in our showroom, you can find a selection that inspires you to make eye-catching designs that stand out from the crowd.

Our selection is not limited to our showroom.

Of course, sometimes your design is not going to match what we have in stock. That is where the connections that owner Cynthia Schomaker
has made from working in the stone industry for more than 20 years become a crucial component in our customer-service tradition. If you want a stone with a particular look, Cynthia knows where to find it, and ACD will help source that stone for you. That is why so many industry-leading architects, designers, builders, and contractors rely on Cynthia and ACD to provide them with the stone they need to complete their vision.

Contact ACD Granite today with any questions you have about your commercial stone needs. Our artisans, craftsmen, and designers would be happy to show you our inventory or work with you to help you locate the stone you desire.

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