Customize Your Counter Tops

Customize Your Counter TopsGranite and Stone Tops with the ACD Difference

 We are often encouraged to think outside of the box to come up with ideas that are more innovative and creative than the everyday. Yet, when people think of replacing their countertops with granite or another solid stone surface, they often turn to big box stores as their first choice for countertops. After all, most homeowners are already familiar with the big box retailers and know that they provide countertop services. Moreover, they can be a great place to compare different types of countertop surfaces, when in the initial decision-making stages of a remodel or new build.

At ACD Granite, we want to encourage you to think outside of the big box stores when choosing your countertops. Independent solid stone retailers and installers, like ACD Granite can offer you many benefits over the big box retailers. Professional, expert installation, a huge selection, assistance with designing your surfaces, and commitment to quality are all hallmarks of a good independent stone retailer and installer. Of course, at ACD, we think we are your best choice for an independent retailer and installer, because we offer an unparalleled commitment to combining strength and beauty for our customers.

This commitment begins with our approach to your project. While some retailers or installers will view your project as a job, we will view it as a piece of art. ACD comes from our name: Artisans*Craftsmen*Designers, and our approach to stone work reflects a centuries-old tradition of viewing stonework as a highly specialized craft. We think that designers, craftsmen, and artisans are called to bring out the beauty that resides in every stone.

Our love affair with stone also means that we have a selection that other retailers cannot match. ACD’s owner Cynthia Schomaker has more than 20 years as a designer in the stone industry. Not only does she have access to source materials that other retailers cannot match, but she also knows how to help you find stones that she does not normally carry. Describe the stone you want to a professional at ACD, and, if it can be found, we will know where to find it!

Because we are artisans, we also want to give our customers something that they cannot buy from other retailers; a unique look for their home. While most people who choose a solid stone surface for their counters are seeking a classic look, they also want a kitchen that feels unique and custom-crafted for them. Our designers can help you retain that classic look, while still creating something unique.

Contact ACD Custom Granite today to start designing your dream countertops, today.


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