Engineered Stone Quartz: A Preferred Material Among Designers

Things are shaking up in the surfacing industry, and the now-not-so-new-kid on the block offers a wide range of quartz materials that have formed a strong foothold in the design community. What used to make up a small percentage of the overall market share because of limited color options and texture offerings, is now experiencing significant growth. Engineered stone producers are giving the natural stone industry a run for its money and homeowners seeking alternatives are benefitting from the competition.

With more quartz manufacturers starting to produce the material every year, and new colors steadily being released, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to track the industry’s innovations and new products. Here’s a round-up of the latest trends in engineered stone seen at ACD and the reasons why we offer such a great variety of quartz as an option for homeowners and designers:

Personal Taste Drives the Trend
It’s often a matter of personal taste when you choose the materials for your kitchen, bath or outdoor project. If your preference is for a more simple and an even look, then you may prefer the quartz over the more dramatic feel of natural stone like marble and granite. But whatever your style, the versatility, beauty and durability of quartz makes it desirable to many.

Durability and Low Maintenance 
Engineered Stone Quartz: Preferred Material Among DesignersTypically composed of a blend of 85% quartz and 15% resin and pigments, the result is a strong and highly workable material with endless possibilities that can be used in many residential and commercial applications.

Although the composition of these quartz materials is relatively the same, the difference lies more in the palette, color and pattern that each company offers. With upwards of 30 colors available from manufacturers like Pentalquartz, Caesarstone, Silestone, Cambria, LG Hausys, Zodiaq or Compaq, it can be challenging to find just the right shade for your design.

What remains the same is the resilience of the material and its ability to withstand the demands of a hardworking kitchen, making it an ideal choice for busy people looking to cut out routine maintenance from potential scratching and staining.

Endless Variety
With a wide range of solid grays, light and dark browns and bright whites available, people love the look and feel of quartz’s pure colors. Pentalquartz’s Thassos White is one of the most desirable products on the market for its pure white color and versatility. It has a similar look and feel to classic marble, and works well in a traditional, contemporary or transitional style home or office setting.

Designers also love the versatility of the material, and there is a trend in designing kitchens with natural stone islands surround by a perimeter of engineered stone.

Innovative Fabrication and Installation
As a licensed fabricator and installer of all the major brands of engineered stone, ACD has the expert knowledge to handle and install quartz. Our craftsmen find quartz especially nice to miter, cut and clean. Some of these materials have the ability to be heated, formed and fabricated into many designs such as bath tubs. The design ideas are endless.

Note: It is important that you hire a licensed fabricator like ACD to cut and install your engineered material as the warranty is void otherwise. Quartz can be more durable than natural stone, but it will break if not fabricated properly. Have questions, please post a comment on this blog.

At ACD, our goal is to provide quality products based on our clients personal taste. It’s the endless possibilities that engineered stone offers that allow us to stay on trend and create some very exciting home and commercial design projects.

cover photo:  LG Viatera Rococo Quartz kitchen. Exceptionally versatile for all manner of applications, Viatera® is available in stunning hues and can be color matched to any shade imaginable.

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