Innovative Uses for Stone

Innovative Uses for Stone. Using Granite and Solid Stone Surfaces to Create Drama and Beauty in Your Designs

For centuries, people have used granite and other solid stone surfaces in their building projects. Solid stone has a durability that is not rivaled by many other building materials, and a natural beauty that lends an organic feeling to even the most modern of designs. To inject a classic and beautiful feel to a project without sacrificing strength or durability, a designer knows to turn to solid stone building materials. That is why granite, marble, slate, limestone, and exotic stones are such popular choices, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms.

Architects, builders, and homeowners are really embracing the idea of extending the luxury and durability of solid stone surfaces outside of the kitchen or bathroom and into the rest of the home. At ACD Granite, our artisans, craftsmen, and designers can help you customize a solid stone project that lends the beauty of stone to your other rooms.

Solid stone is a superior choice for a variety of building projects.

Countertops in kitchens and bathrooms have used granite or other stone surfaces for years. The same qualities that make solid stone a great choice for countertops, make it an ideal choice for other applications, as well. At ACD Granite, we can help you make your dreams a reality. Customers frequently choose granite or other stone surfaces for backsplashes, bar tops, vanities, fireplaces, kitchen islands, shower walls or surrounds, table tops, tub surrounds, and window sills. Our online portfolios can help you get some inspiration for how to incorporate stone into your design.

More people are using stone to customize their outdoor living areas.

At ACD Granite, we have seen more and more people using stone in their outdoor living spaces. Whether crafting entire outdoor kitchen areas of stone or using stone to create the most durable outdoor furniture, people are embracing nature’s most durable building material for their outdoor living spaces. While granite is the go-to choice for many people, at ACD we work with a wide variety of stone, including marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, basalt, quartzite, glass, and engineered stones, so that you can achieve the custom look you desire.

Curious about how to include solid stone in your remodeling or new construction project? Contact ACD Custom Granite today with any questions you have about your custom granite or solid stone installation.


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