Marble Care & Maintenance

Marble Care & Maintenance

After your marble is installed, there are some basic steps you should take to ensure the proper care and maintenance of your luxurious stone.

1. Protect

Seal your stone with a high quality impregnating sealer like Dry Treat or Stone Tech Bullet Proof. Your installers should do this for you when the stone is first installed. Every six months to a year you will need to seal your counters again.

2. Clean

For daily care, use a ph neutral cleaner such as Stone Tech Revitalizer or even Dawn dish liquid. Paper towels or a sponge are fine to apply. Avoid using any citrus, ammonia or vinegar based cleaning products as they can alter the polish. Windex has been known to slowly erode the sealer as well.

3. Maintain

A stone like marble can last for many many years, retaining its original beauty if you treat it with respect. Use cutting boards when slicing any acidic fruits like lemons and limes; when setting down coffee or wine use coasters and placemats; and avoid dragging pots and pans across the surface, lift and set them down on trivets; and wipe spills immediately and avoid prolonged contact with oils that may be present on the bottom of bottles.

Showcasing Your Marble 

Marble can be installed in many ways to showcase its beauty when entertaining guests. Here are a few ideas:

1. Install a full backsplash and wrap down.
2.  Install a feature wall around a fireplace or a large entry way or foyer.
3.  Add accent lighting to showoff marble’s opulence on counters and bars.

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