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More than Granite
Make ACD Granite Your Choice for Solid Stone Surfaces

When many people begin to investigate solid-stone building surfaces, they initially think of granite. A durable, plentiful, beautiful surface, granite is a natural choice for many solid stone applications. However, it is not the only choice, and many surfaces that consumers believe are granite are actually made from other stones. Whether you want a natural stone surface or a man-made composite surface, ACD granite should be the first place you look to meet your stone needs. Our New Jersey location offers a selection of solid stone surfaces that is unparalleled in the tri-state area, with prices that other retailers in the Brooklyn and Staten Island areas simply cannot beat.

ACD Custom Granite incorporates the beauty of nature in your design.

At ACD Granite, we do not look at ourselves as simply a building material supplier. Our name says it all: we are Artisans*Craftsmen*Designers; and we believe that no other construction material can compete with the beauty of stone. We also know that each type of stone has a different role to play in custom designs. We are proud to source natural stone and glass for our customers. We also like the affordability and consistency of many of the composite products that we offer including: Caesarstone, Zodiac, Silestone, Pental, Quartz, Vetrazzo, Icestone, Compac, Hanstone, 4E, Cambria, Goes, Viatera, Quartzmaster, and Samsung Radiance. These products allow designers to incorporate natural elements while still retaining a high degree of control over quality and consistency.

Let your project help you choose your building material.

What many of our customers do not realize when they first come to us is that their project parameters can and should help them pick their building materials. For example, if you are replacing countertops in an indoor kitchen, but want to be able to get a match for those countertops when you tackle a future outdoor kitchen project, then an artificial stone will be a better pick than a natural stone. If you want lower maintenance, then a less-porous stone is a better choice than a more-porous stone. What you are designing, the level of maintenance you feel comfortable with, where the project will be installed, the expected wear and tear on the area, and your budget are all relevant to your choice of building material. Everything we offer is beautiful, but beauty is only the first consideration; our salespeople can help you choose which one of our beautiful products is the best match for your project.

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