Stone Needs

Beyond the Countertop
Make ACD Granite Your Choice for All of Your Solid Stone Needs

When you think of granite and other solid stone surfaces, you probably think of countertops. This is no surprise, since kitchen remodels are probably the number-one reason that people visit our showroom. However, stone is a wonderful building material that can be used in so many ways to highlight the beauty of a home, and at ACD Granite, we are committed to highlighting the utility and versatility of stone construction.

What can you make from stone?

When people ask us to come up with new and innovative uses of stone in home design, we are up for the challenge. We do not view ourselves as simply a supplier of stone. Instead, we urge our customers to look to our name: we are Artisans*Craftsmen*Designers and stone is our medium. While we are happy to help customers find the perfect stone for traditional applications like countertops, vanity tops, and shower walls, we feel like stone can play a much more active design in a gorgeous, custom home. Indoor stone fireplaces add a look that is simultaneously fashion-forward and timeless. Stone tiles or stone flooring make any home look opulent. Outdoor kitchens that incorporate stone are resilient and able to handle the changing demands of weather in the New York and New Jersey areas, while reflecting a natural beauty that is impossible to replicate with artificial surfaces. Stone also offers a gorgeous and classic way to present the firepit into a backyard, without compromising elegance or structure.

Custom stone furniture provides an unanticipated touch of elegance to every surrounding.

While we love to work on every stone project our customers bring to us, as artisans and craftsmen, the most rewarding projects are when we get to work on custom stone furniture. We frequently help customers find the right stone for table tops and end tables that can incorporate their existing pieces in new, customized works of art. We are happy to help create show-stopping sinks and other accessories that elevate kitchens and bathrooms from good to great. We love to collaborate with our customers to go beyond the expected, creating stone benches, seats, backsplashes, and walls combining durability with beauty. Whatever custom stone project you have in mind; the artisans and designers at ACD Granite can help you make your design dreams a reality.

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