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Description Of Work:
Provided design, fabrication and installation of kitchen & island counters and a bathroom vanity. Installation of kitchen sink & bathroom sink

Fist let me say we are difficult customers. My wife and I have different tastes and we both want what we want!

That being said Cynthia Schomaker and Steve Schrenk at ACD did a fantastic job guiding us to something we would both be happy with and would look fantastic. They showed us many different colors & types of stone until we found the one we liked. We were able to go to their supplier and pick out the exact slabs we wanted. The supplier had a sample we could take home and make sure it would match the cabinets and backsplash.

After we made our decision ACD worked with us on scheduling. We had many delays totally unrelated to the counters and ACD worked with us through all of them. They were paragons of patience!

The workmanship was excellent and the installers did a great job working through an issue with the marble backsplash completely to my satisfaction.

We had a problem with the bathroom sink (not ACD’s problem, the plumber cracked it when connecting the drain) and Cynthia found us the exact match to it even though we had bought it on Craig’s list used! When they came to take out the original sink they had a problem getting it out and the countertop cracked. ACD replaced the counter at no charge. I always judge a company on how they react when there is a problem and ACD reacted to this problem like the pros they are.

We chipped the marble counter about a month after it was installed (cast iron skillet 1, marble 0!) and ACD came out and repaired it so well, unless you knew exactly where the chip was you could never tell it had been repaired.

This is the second time we used ACD. They did an equally wonderful job on the countertop for our shore house kitchen. In both instances we received excellent value for the money and we would absolutely use them again.

I would highly recommend ACD Custom Granite.

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